Simultaneous Elections For Parliament and State Assemblies

Simultaneous Elections For Parliament and State Assemblies


1. Uniformity and easy to understand for people.
2.Cost efficient
3.uniform manifesto for center and states,less confusion for voters.
4.Burden of election commission would lessen
5.easy to implement policies

The parties and govts. get a five year continous time for their programmes.

6. The policies of govt. are not affected and populist measures not announced time and again,


1.More deployment of forces for internal matter
2. Work burden of EC would rise
3. Complex mechanism for voters
4.Centralisation of power
5.Legal constraints
6.Problems in transitional phase
7.Federal features would be hampered
8. Issues for small parties.The parties which participate only in state electionsThey may get eclipsed in mega election shows

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