Chairman’s Message

Coming from a village school, situated in the interiors of Punjab, rising up to become a doctor (Internal Medicine Specialist) from a premier Medical Institute of Northern India and then getting into the prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS) gives me ultimate satisfaction that any human being can aspire in his lifetime. Looking back at my career, I try to analyse how it could become possible. Did I really work very hard? No. I worked hard, yes, but not very hard. After thorough introspection and experimentation with my own career, I have concluded, "It is not the hard work that is the key to success, rather, it is the hard work done in the right direction that is the key to success."

Every year, I see lacs of students appearing for IAS. A minisclule percentage of them gets into IAS. Who are those that achieve success? Are all of them the book worms, so called hard workers. No. Rather majority of them are just ordinary students who worked a bit harder but exactly in the right direction.

Each one of us has capacity to achieve success as per our aspirations. But the tragedy is that most of us do not know the right direction and do not have the right aptitude. And to know the right direction and to develop the right aptitude one has to get one's personality and aptitude assessed. We, at Gurukunj, have devised the ways and means wherein, in one-to-one sessions, we assess an individual regarding his capacities to grasp, analyse and express and also assess him from the angle of his Civil Services Aptitude. On the basis of this analysis, we suggest a particular student how he should prepare for the examination and how he should develop a proper Civil Services Aptitude. You may be surprised how small things like a mere change in your body posture can affect your aptitude and capacity to learn.

Secondly, I have found most of you are being loaded with superfluous books and other study material by your trainers. This is causing hell lot of confusion and frustration. For cracking IAS examination, you don't have to know everything but just cursorily, rather you have to be exact about whatever you know. Your knowledge should have three fundamentals i.e. A, B & C (authenticity, brevity & clarity). So, if you work hard in the right direction, have authentic, brief and clear knowledge, have a proper Civil Services Aptitude, success is surely going to be yours.

With best wishes,
Dr. Karamjeet S. Sra,
M.D., I.A.S. (Ex),